Do's & Don'ts




The following is a list of things CVAC parents should DO to help your swimmer enjoy the sport to its fullest. DO...

  1. Have your swimmer at the pool on time for meets and practice ready to swim. 
  2. Make sure your swimmer has ALL necessary equipment everyday for practice. 
  3. Label all suits, goggles, flippers, and appropriate equipment with the swimmer’s name. 
  4. Always have at least two caps and pairs of goggles in case of emergency.
  5. Learn all you can about the rules of swimming.  This way you will know and can help your swimmer understand DQs. 
  6. Volunteer to work for the club. 
  7. Read the “Ten Commandments for Swimming Parents”. 
  8. Meet as many parents as possible on our team.
  9. Always speak positively to your swimmer about practice, coaches, and meets.   
  10. Offer to help coaches at swim meets (i.e. Food needs, transportation, etc.)  
  11. Offer to assist other families of CVAC with transportation to meets when convenient.  
  12. Support the team’s relay efforts at meets.  All swimmers are expected to be available for relays at the beginning and the end of the meet. 
  13. Check results on the board for your swimmers’ events and let the coaches know of and discrepancies you may notice so the coaches may check into the issue. 
  14. Direct all questions to the coaches at an appropriate time to allow for a well thought out answer. 
  15. Have your swimmer dressed in team apparel (i.e. Team cap) for meets.  This will help the coaches find their swimmers much quicker during competition. 
  16. Check the bulletin board for information and double checking meets entries for your swimmer. 
  17. Volunteer to be a timer at all meets to help keep the meet flowing in a timely manner.
  18. Make plans to participate in finals at a meet when the opportunity may present itself.

The following is a list of things CVAC Parents should NOT DO while members of CVAC. DON'T...

  1. Watch practice all the time. 
  2. Come on deck during practice for any reason. 
  3. Coach your swimmer from the balcony or at meets. …get into long conversations with the coaches right before or during practice. 
  4. Discuss your swimmer’s split times or race strategy with them. 
  5. Discuss stroke technique with your swimmer. 
  6. Discuss or compare other swimmers’ performances, especially in a negative manner. 
  7. Recruit swimmers from other teams.  You may provide information to others related to our program, but please do so only when asked. 
  8. Worry that your child is not the line leader the entire time in practice.   
  9. Contradict disqualifications at swim meets. 
  10. Promote competition between teammates. 
  11. Leave a swim meet without determining if your swimmer is needed for relays.
  12. Enter the area of competition reserved for coaches and officials at a meet.  It is a rule of NC Swimming that only USS members (swimmers, coaches, and officials) may be on the pool deck. 
  13. Stand behind the blocks during warm-ups or during a race.  If you are behind the blocks, you should be timing for the meet. 
  14. Distract the coaches and swimmers during the warm-up period.  This is very unnerving for both before competition. 
  15. Get your swimmer’s time after an event.  The swimmer should take care of getting their time. 
  16. Leave your swimmer at a meet unattended. 
  17. Approach an official about a disqualification. 
  18. Leave your swimmer at practice with impending bad weather. 
  19. Allow your swimmer to scratch an event or leave the meet without telling the coach. 
  20. Enter your swimmer in a meet without the swimmer picking their events. 
  21. Leave a meet where a chance to swim finals is available. 
  22. Purchase training equipment without first consulting the coaches.