WHAT SHOULD WE BRING TO A SWIM MEET?  Great way to see all things SWIMMERS and PARENTS should bring to a swim meet and what to expect.

POOL FACILITY GUIDE a quick reference guide to all the local pools we swim at...includes notes about parking, concessions, seating, clerk of course, etc...EVERYTHING you need to know about the pool and what to expect at the facility.

FUNDRAISING - each family is responsible for $300 per year.  We hold 3-4 fundraisers a year to help meet this obligation.  See attached form for more detailed explanation.  

HEAT SHEET AD SALES Use this form when selling ads for our 3 home meets.  All money raised will apply to your families fundraising commitment for the year.

DONATION THANK YOU LETTER To be given to individuals or companies when making a contribution to CVAC.  Since we are a non-profit organization, this will serve as acknowledgement of donation for tax purposes


Our vendor for CVAC team merchandise is Swim Gear in Winston Salem. To order team suits with logo or additional equipment, please click on above link and enter code CVAC2018 to access our items. may get an error if open in Google Chrome due to security settings on Chrome - try opening in Explorer if you do.  If that doesn't work, try clicking here which takes you to to their website first...then you click on TEAM SITE LOGIN to to access the CVAC2018 page. 



There will be a payment plan for all families that divides the year (September 1 to August 31) into three (3) equal payment periods.  Each payment will be due on the following dates – Sept. 1, Jan. 1, and May 1. 

There will be a monthly fee offered to new members of CVAC for the first payment period they are swimming.  This fee will be payable on the first of the month.  Old members may request this payment plan from the coach if the need arises.

FEE SCHEDULE (each payment)

First swimmer           $240.00 
Second swimmer       $200.00 
Third swimmer (or more)   $150.00

NOTE  - Fees are due the first of each month.   NO partial refunds will be given for swimmers dropping off the team.  Swimmers returning to the team after short breaks will be expected to meet fee obligations during the breaks.


This fee will be due by the first Fall practice the year.  The fee will be $75.00  per swimmer per year.  All swimmers must be registered with USS.  REGISTRATIONS WILL BE DONE THE FIRST WEEK OF PRACTICE AT THE POOL. SWIMMERS WILL NOT SWIM UNLESS REGISTERED. 


Swimmers are required to pay entry fees into meets when they are submitted to the coach.  Entry fees will be doubled if entries are submitted late or without appropriate fees.  Relay entry fees will be billed after the entry deadline.


CVAC will credit your account one-month swimmer dues of $60 for each new swimmer family that our members are directly responsible for bringing to CVAC as new members.  These families must join CVAC and meet their financial obligations for the credit to occur.  New members may not be recruited from our swim school.


All family members of CVAC will need to be active to support the needs of the program.  Each family having swum for one year will have $300 added to their account in September.  CVAC offers three major chances to do this; one is the annual Swim-A-Thon held in April, the coupon book sale in August, and the Ad sale for our meets held each year.  We encourage all families to participate in the activities by providing incentives for reaching goals.  If you do not choose to participate in these fundraising activities, please be prepared to meet your responsibility to the team by making equivalent donations during the fundraising efforts.  These commitments will barely help to meet the needs of the team to pay pool rental fees.