Catawba Valley Aquatic Club



coaches 2016Catawba Valley Aquatic club is dedicated to upholding its motto of “Sharing the Dreams of Children”.  Our mission is to help young athletes to achieve excellence in swimming and life.  Not every youngster can be first, but all of them may succeed by performing their best.  The booster club is responsible for providing the support for the swim program through fund raising and volunteer manpower.  We would like for Hickory to help us to “Share the Dreams of our Children.

We strive to teach children the necessary skills for performing well in the sport of swimming.  Many of these skills can also be applied to family, school, and church.

Swimming should be FUN for all of our athletes.  The youth of today are becoming very sedentary.  Physical fitness test scores are becoming worse and worse.  Studies show higher and higher percentages of the American population are obese.  Cardiovascular diseases are rampant among all ages of our population.  Swimming provides the necessary exercise for your child during the cold winter months to help prevent these diseases.

Parental involvement is also critical.  Swimming in our program is very much a family affair.  Our parent booster club is instrumental in the success of the program for the children.  Financial assistance as well as support group manpower is essential to our success.  This assistance will keep swimmer fees down and allow for all youngsters to be able to participate in the sport of swimming.  This activity should not be cost prohibitive for anyone.

Coach Paul Schiffel

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