Posted by Catawba Valley Aquatic Club on Aug 29 2019 at 12:18PM PDT

Welcome to the 2019-2020 CVAC Swim Season.

All swimmers on the team must be registered before being allowed to enter the water this season. All parents must bring their child to first practice and sign them in (THIS INCLUDES SENIOR GROUP).
We have a new system in place to eliminate the all the paperwork. You are now able to register your child via our online portal. If you are unable to do it before practice starts back we will have laptops/tablets on hand at practice next week to complete this process before your child goes down on deck.
As a reminder, all past due balances were to be cleared up by the end of summer season. If your past due balance is not taken care of or you have not made arrangements with Coach Paul you will need to take care of it before your child is able to go on deck for practice.
Practice groups will be sent out shortly so you know which practice group your child is in for this season.

Please click the link below for registration.